About Major Scale

'Major Scale' is a series of infinite data-driven works that explore the constructs of musical harmony.

The series renders the chords, scales and progressions that are prevalent throughout music by plotting their constituent notes on the chromatic wheel.

Created by designer and musician, Dan Sankey, 'Major Scale' is a by-product a written piece on the Musicality of Design Systems, a study on how the conventions of music can offer rich inspiration when designing systems for scale.

The near-infinite musical works that have been generated by the highly flexible and loosely-coupled frameworks of pitch, harmony, timbre, rhythm and tempo represent the perfect model for an extensible design system.

Dan Sankey | Musicality of Design Systems

The intention of this series is to expose harmony's recursive formula through these terse, brutalist, geometric forms.

With a set of pre-composed shapes a near-infinite number of compositions can be created - for any medium, any size with any style.